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Guestbook for All Photographs
Marc Frye(non-registered)
Very nice work!
D. Host Photography(non-registered)
Love your work - in particular the work in your Landscape and Portfolio Prints galleries. You have an incredible eye for geometry, composition and color. I'll be back often for inspiration.
Well, you are one of the reasons I shouldn't browse galleries. Sigh...

What you've done in B&W is absolutely wonderful ! And I see we both have some interest in the wonderful lines and artistic geometries of modern buildings (only, you do it much much better than I).

I didn't look at all of it since--besides the beauty therein--it serves to remind me of what I really am when it comes to photography.

And in your home narration, I think you hit the nail on the head. If I can paraphrase, you can be the most technically-qualified with a camera but if you walk right by a shot instead of "seeing" it...
Michael Bolognesi Photography
Though i would take the opportunity to officially inaugurate your guestbook :-). I truly enjoy your galleries. Your B&W work really stands out with lovely compositions, not talking about your square work. Great frames too!! See you around at the forum Aaron.
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